ABC Preschool 

Drawing Face

ABC Preschool information:


Ages 2-5 years

Monday through Thursday

Mid-August through May

9am -12pm  or 9am - 3pm

CALL: 417-678-3775


ABC Preschool Purpose:

    It is our pleasure to have you be an active part of this very important ministry.  Our purpose at ABC Preschool is to provide an atmosphere where preschoolers can learn foundational biblical truths by bringing together the child, the home, the church, and we want them to experience God's love through the people that work and play with them.  Some specific program objectives are:

     - To provide a happy Christian environment in which the child can grow physically,

mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

     - To help prepare the child for elementary school while instilling a solid foundation in Christian principles.

     - To provide satisfying relationship experiences for the child with the teacher and with children of his/her own age or developmental skills.

     - To provide parents with time for themselves and the opportunity to focus on other priorities in their family.

ABC Preschool Offers:

-Library Story Hour

-Music Class

-Field Trips

-High Quality Childcare

-Christian Environment

-Weekday Early Education Curriculum

-Appropriate opportunities for learning, play, building healthy attitudes and habits of thinking.

-An awareness and understanding of himself/herself and his/her world.

-Miracle Playground Equipment

-Smoke-free Environment

-Safe State Inspected Environment

-Lots of Love and Attention!


ABC Preschool Tuition:

*Monthly Rates varies by available school days

Daily Rates

$15.00 per full day

$12.00 per half day


$25.00 Registration (Annual Fee, Non-refundable)

$25.00 Snack Fee (Annual Fee)

Amounts needed for special events and field trips will be determined and special notification will be given to parents at the time of the event.